Stratford University Nursing Program

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Hi, My name is Stephanie A. and I am in the process of trying to attend Stratford but i wanted to know how the school was and if people who have graduated from there if it is hard to get a job once you do graduate? How is the classes and the instructors?

Any help would be great. .

Thank You

Stephanie A


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I'm just beginning at stratford and have been told the hospital we do clinicals at tries to hire as many of the new grads as they can, if there's positions and the student performs well. Nothing is ever guaranteed though.

Anybody else have insight into the school? I'm new to the area and have never heard of it but I got in and so I'm running with it. I'd like to hear some opinions of anyone who has been a part of it for awhile.


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Are you attending Stratford? I'm looking to attend the school myself but will have to bring up my GPA due to being pulled out of school for military reasons. I went to the Falls Church site and toured the campus and the admissions personnel are really helpful and class sizes are small. Have you taken the Teas?

Best of luck



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Hey you guys! I was thinking of attending the Woodbridge campus. Can you guys tell me about the program? Was it a good program? You know the typical questions. Please and thank you (: