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STRAP Program?

by nevb nevb Member

I just finished an AD program, will take my NCLEX soon and will begin my BSN in the fall. I am considering Army reserves, I am 35female 4 kids. Does the STRAP program make you ineligible for deployment with no exceptions? I understand I would be deploying at some point but I really want to finish school w/o interuption. Also if you take STRAP are you eligible for student loan repayment and/or cash bonuses? If I took the STRAP option when would I be required to to do OBLC, can I defer it until a later time? I start classes August 27th and still have to do NCLEX. Would I be able to do it next summer? Thanks for the help.

Hi! from what i was told from a recruiter is through the STRAP and NCP you are not deployable.. yout only duty is to finish school. now, i know i was not eligible for the loan repay since i wanted to do the nurse candidate program (ncp), so i just decided to wait until i finish my BSN b/c i really wanted to do the loan repay. I believe with STRAP you are eligible for a sign on bonus and I think it is $10k. As far as OBLC, you would be required to do that as soon as you graduate.. hope this helps.. you may want to speak directly to a recruiter as they will be more help:)

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