Strange to come out of work and know it was a good day!

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It was such a nice day at work today. Isn't that strange to hear. I was given my own assignment. What made it even nicer was that my resource nurse for the day was the charge nurse so I didn't have anyone completely nearby to remind me of things. I have had this great preceptor but with her doing nothing but aiding me I get so sidetracked with her giving pointers and such. Altough Monday I needed was Monday and c/o chest pain and other crap right away. I learn so much better just doing than being repeatedly told to let's not forget this, and labs were this, and such, I think she is wonderful, but more of another distraction to overwhelm me with right now when my brain is taxed with so many new things.

But anyway, I had six of my own pts, one discharged at 9:30, all charting, txs, and such done by 11, at 1445 I got 2 admits, and I'm only to be on the floor until 1530. Then I'm supposed to go do my MDS stuff on the computer. I ended up doing 90% of the 2 admits and got off the floor at 1625, went to go to my office and I have yet to be given a key. Thank god for the security guard who let me in. This was the first day alone doing this stuff. At first I was completely blank on what area of the program to start on....I spent 10 minutes playing around in confusion. But I got done what I was told to do by my nurse manager and left by 1740. Before she left at 1530 she told me she got a nurse to cover for this weekend so I wouldn't have a whole assignment so I could work on my orientation manual and testing. She asked how that was going and I said it was pretty sad, been to busy to work on it. She said that's alright, and since I'm still on orientation she made sure I had a nurse tomorrow to reduce my load.

It's nice to at least being given time to complete my other stuff, but just the idea that she went out of her way to see that I didn't get left in the dust is great. I'm loving my job so far. The newness will wear off, but I'll enjoy it for now.


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