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WOW it seems in the last 2 weeks I have seen a increase of LPN VS RN going back and forth for what reason? When it gets down to it there is no reason that we can't move foreward and get pass all this. There are nurses that are starting to get real tired of it. I really hope everyone gets along a lot better than this at their work place otherwise I'm not sure how you function 100%.For some reason I don't have all these problems where I work except for the inmates but we as staff work as a team.

you are right!!! and want to assure you it doesnt go on where i work either.. i hope everyone goes into (super nurses) and gives some positive encouragement..thanks


I agree!I used to be an avid reader of this site and dedicated a couple minutes everyday to see the new stuff.I haven't been enjoying it as much these days because of the reasons stated above.I avoid it at work,I sure don't want to go looking for it on the net too!Great post!Thanks!

I agree with the posters -- a significant number of the posts have been so catty & hateful over the past few weeks. I've been scanning the posts & moving on. I don't sense this type of behavior at work, and really hope this behavior stops here.

I miss the "old" BB -- lots of information, lots of support. The bickering is so immature.

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