Has anyone taken the STNA test for D&S Diversified Technolgies?

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I have about a month ago. What would you like to know? I found it to be pretty easy and what my school prepared me for.

turtle rain

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I did about a year and a half ago and it went just fine. There is a written portion which we did first and then as we finished up they had us do the skills test. Handwashing was first and then they randomly select 3 more skills to do - I had applying restriants, hair care and the dreaded perineal care. The biggest mistake I made was not properly draping the dummy for privacy. My instructor had told us not to do that so the evaluator could truly see you were using the right techniques. Despite that I passed. Good luck to you please let us know how it goes :D


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I take mine June 11 hope its easy.


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I took the STNA exam Sept, 08. The written portion is very straight forward and common sense based. You'll do fine with it. The practical skills portion is timed and is exactly as turtlerain described. It is best if you talk your entire skill steps outloud, not only for your benefit but for the examiner and the "patient", especially for the bolded, required steps involved. I had haircare, restraints, and vital signs plus handwashing. Be careful about the sizing of the vests when it comes to the restraints. I verbalized the vest by size in relation to weight and the examiner was looking for color designation. She failed me b/c of that, I contested it and it was ruled in favor of me. The vest sizes overlap somewhat on size, based on weight. Be careful and you'll do great. Good luck!

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