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I felt it was important to start a thread informing potential nursing students of the dangers of attending Stevens-Henager Nursing. This is particularly a problem if you are looking at the Odgen, Utah campus. Please be aware that they are not accredited through ACEN (lost accreditation) and are trying to fly under the accreditation radar by applying for the soon to be new accrediting body, NLN. Many specific standards must be met in order to gain accreditation, and that program has not and does not meet them. Clinical hours are between 50% and 75% of the current accreditation requirements; they lack sufficient nursing instructors; the supposed laptop you will be given is old, usually very slow and they will charge you to get it fixed, if they are willing to fix it at all, and it is not "free", the cost is added to tuition and the charge is for a new laptop. The texts which are "included in the tuition" are either electronic (and therefore temporary) or hard copy which must be returned immediately after each course is completed, so cannot be used as references in later classes.

Claims that they are "in candidacy" is to keep the students rolling in, but WHEN they do not receive re-accreditation all of those courses and the money students' paid will be lost as the credits do not transfer. The Dean of Nursing is completely unqualified and has no idea what needs to be done to gain accreditation. A private company is being paid handsomely to write the self-study for the accreditation application; this goes completely against the moral expectations of the accrediting bodies as they expect faculty and leadership to write their own curriculum and show how standards are being met.

Please do not waste your money. If by some miracle you obtained a degree in nursing, you will have great difficulty getting hired, and the pass rates are well below national standards (another reason they will not be accredited). Facilities know that the instructors are essentially forced to give unearned grades because it is expensive to lose nursing students. Look for a nursing school with student feedback that talks about the quality of the education and hireability post graduation. The process from application through applying to take your boards should be smooth, efficient and run by knowledgeable campus employees. You will not find this to be a friendly learning environment.

As a nurse it is part of my duty to ensure nursing students start out with the best possible education; Stevens Henager is NOT it.


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Several of my friends have been hurt by SH. I will be posting your comments as a social media campaign to force them to straighten up.

Thank you.