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About 5 years ago I picked up an interesting sethoscope.

The retailer called it a Big Bell and in fact it has a bell about the size of a demi cup... for lack of a better discription.

The ear pc fell off mine and I layed it down at work.... or I left it in the car or its hiding in my disaster of an apt..... I DON"T KNOW!

But I can't find the dang thing ANYWHERE. I want another one. Just Like it.

It doesn't have to be purple. It retailed then for around $32. I thot it was a lot but I loved the dang thing.

Did a Google search twice this week for at least an hour..... Maybe they were a failure... .who knows....Worked great for me....

Anyone have any ideas??? Have a serviceable one you didn't like? See one at your local fav shop???? I really really want another. Sigh.....

While I am on the subject... anyone know about these high priced ($80) Ultrascopes???? are we just paying for the design? or are they anygood??

If I can't find the one I want they could be my second choice.

--leslie who had to throw in a little whine


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I have never heard of the brand of stethescope you are referring to, but I think that the Sprague stethescopes have a large bell on them. Around here in Ohio, they sell for about 15 dollars. You can check them out at Jasco uniform's website at

By the way, what is a demi cup?


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By the way, what is a demi cup?


Okay....I can see the discription is lacking..... The tubing is single.... not terribly flimsy but not as stout as a Littman.... longer though.

A demi cup... hmmm a small espresso cup??

Its about 2 inches or so across and a good inch plus high. I mean a BIG bell.


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