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Stethoscope earpieces


Just a question if anyone has seen extra small earpieces for stethoscopes. I have super small ear canals that even small eartips are too big.

Background: my first stethoscope on entering nursing school was MDF. Wonderful stethoscope, however, even the smallest earpieces were too big for me. At the beginning of this semester, after missing my pt.'s apical pulse and not being able to hear lung and heart sounds, I had to get an Ultrascope amplified stethoscope.

Even with the amplified stethoscope, the earpieces are still too big, and it is very hard to hear with it. I now hold the earpieces in with one hand, while assessing. I was able to hear my pt.'s apical this week, for the first time in a while, but it was very faint. If the earpieces shift even the tiniest bit, I lose whatever faint sound I did have.

To sum it up, does anyone know of any earpieces that are smaller? I have used the smallest ones I could find; even ordered Littman small earpieces, that do not work. Even my instructor's Littman Cardiology did not work for me. I think I am dealing more with a sizing issue than a hearing problem, but when I get the moment I will get my hearing tested as well.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!