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Sterile Processing Tech/Central Service Tech Schools?


Thank you for such a useful forum. I've read several posts about Central Service Technician/Sterile Processing Technician jobs. I'm looking for a legitimate, accredited school program (vocational, trade, or college) in California, Oregon, or Washington that trains and certifies Central Service Technicians/Sterile Processing Technicians, and I'm asking for your help to locate such programs.

I write "legitimate" because almost every school program that I've researched does NOT satisfy the IAHCSMM's eligibility criteria to take the CRCST certification exam because its clinical internship hours are inadequate. I don't intend to become a Surgical Technician or Surgical Nurse. I simply would like to locate a CST/STP certification program that provides good academic and laboratory training; guarantees prompt clinical internship placement to its qualified students; and includes 400 clinical hours. As far as I can tell, Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood, Washington has the only comprehensive Central Service Technician program on the West Coast. I'm waiting to hear from Renton Technical College regarding its program. (On-the-job training isn't an option, since all of the hospitals in my region require the applicant to have completed an accredited program that includes 400 clinical hours.) The IAHCSMM site provides training program information for people who are already in the field and need specialized coursework, but not a list of schools for prospective trainees. Are there any Central Service/Sterile Processing Technicians reading this who can provide names of accredited technical, vocational, or college programs on the West Coast? Thank you very much for your help. Microphobe

I just recently discovered this career field myself. I live in Texas and am familiar with one training program in Houston. Sorry I can't help any more but want to wish you good luck!

You may want to research Skyline College in San Mateo County, CA (Bay Area). They have CPT and Surg Tech programs. I know someone in the program and she enjoys it. Lots of clinical hours and placements into good facilities around the area. I don't know specifically if they meet your parameters of IAHCSMM's requirements but they are accredited. GL.

Thank you for the good wishes. All the best to you as well.

Thanks very much. I just found their program two days ago, so I appreciate the positive comments.