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Stay in pediatric home health or try for hospital job before moving to San Diego?

by nicolestanton nicolestanton (New) New

Hello all,

I plan on moving to San Diego in a couple years. I'm currently working for a pediatric home health agency in Seattle WA. I get lots of experience with trachs, ventilators, G tubes, with lots of interesting pathophysiology and more than enough psych/social issues.

I received my ADN from a community college and I will have my BSN from the University of Washington in August.

Would I be better off staying at my current job until I move or should I attempt to get some hospital experience before I move down? I'm not sure what the job market is like in San Diego.

Any advice or insight would be much appreciated!


Definitely try for a hospital since you're not moving immediately. It sounds like the job market is pretty tough in ca.

I guess I'm also worried hospitals will be reluctant to hire me when I have two jobs I spent less than 2 years at with both.

I think the experience trumps that. I tried for years to get a hospital job with pdn experience. If the market is as bad as I've heard, you could use varied experience. Plus 2 years is a good amount of time at a job.

Move down when you have an offer in your hands.