Starting senior year in the fall...anxiety!!!!!!

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So i start my senior year in 2 months. I'm totally freaked out. I'll have peds, leadership, community nursing and 2 clinicals. I feel like I'm not ready to be a nurse yet. I didnt grasp the concepts of med-surg last fall b/c of my intense patho/pharm class (140 students, 60 failed, 30 kicked out the program b/c they failed med-surg). So now I don't feel like i know as much as i should. It's funny cause my teachers and clinical instructors tell me I'm a good student and I can do this, but I don't feel like that. And I know some of u are thinking: they have to say that and be nice....not at my school. Our teachers are hard-core and will tell anyone in heartbeat that they need to pick a different major cause nursing isnt for them, they do not care about hurting feelings lol. The nurses I worked with at clinicals were soooo smart and on top of their game. I'm just worried about having someone's life in my hands and making a mistake.

Anyone else scared to be a nurse? Maybe it's just aniety...idk :-/

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I'm a little over two weeks from starting my first nursing job and I completely understand your anxiety! Keep in mind, no one can ever know anything. I still don't feel prepared... The best thing you can do is find a hospital with a great precepting program... And always practice safely! There are always people there to help or answer questions. After a few years into your career, people will start relying on you. Your feelings are really normal for someone entering their senior year. And I have been told numerous times that experienced nurses are more scared of new grads who feel they know everything than a new grad who is nervous and isn't afraid to ask questions. Keep your head up and focus on the here and now! Best of luck to you.

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