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starting school

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I will be starting L.P.N. school in Jan.10,my daughter-in-law is a P.C.T. and I am studying her books:Medical terminology,etc.: will this help or should I wait,I want to have a little knowledge of the material before I start,kind-of-like a step ahead,do you recommend something different? thanks,mary

It certainly would help you to have a head start on the medical terms, as the medical professions seem to have their own language. Also, you may want to study dosage equivalents (how many mls in a tsp, etc...) as that will ahelp you with dosage calculations later.

Good luck with your studies!


CONGRATS :yeah:on starting your nursing journey!!! What are your plans? Have you always wanted to become a nurse? Do you plan on becoming an RN? I know I am asking five million questions! LOL...Excuse my eagerness! I am currently Acitve Duty Air Force and will be separating at the end of the year and plan to start a LPN Program in GA in Fall 2010. What made you choose LPN over RN? I have decided on the LPN route for now because I have a young son (10 month old.) I have been working on my prereqs since before I was pregnant, but with the baby and being geographically separated from my other half it is hard as a single parent with no support system in place. But I am excited because when I get out of the AF we will be one happy family all in the same house with grandparents, aunt, uncles, and everyone close by!!! But I figure because it will be a lot of transitioning going on and I still need prereqs to get into the RN program I am going to go the LPN route and pursue me dreams from there. Please share your thoughts...

Much success!!!



I would encourage you to do some reading up on Anatomy and medical terms. Some of the year long LPN programs do not require you to have completed pre reqs, I think they expect you to know a little something because theres not alot of time to teach fundamentals of LPN and Anatomy in a year. How long will your program be? I am too leaning towards the LPN route because in Michigan the Nursing schools are so competitive and not enough teachers that even with a really high GPA students are getting turned away or put on a waitlist that could be years long. I am not happy with my current job of 5 years so I see the LPN as a Short term goal that will allow me to change careers in a shorter time frame and make decent money. A new LPN in MI on average makes about $23.00 and I have even heard of some making up to $26.00. I do plan on continuing towards RN in the future but now I have to take it slow. I wish you all the best in your Nursing Careers

i'm pretty sure tht this material will help u, so keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks,I have really started reading and memorizing some of the material.I believe me I will keep it up so I will be a heads up on some of the teaching I will be getting

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