Starting Salary at Oschner New Orleans/West Bank?


Hi, there, LA RNs!

I'm an L&D RN from NYC currently on a travel assignment there and my fiancee and I are seriously considering relocating to N.O. once my current contract is up in April. Oschner seems to be the Big Fish around here. Anyone have any information regarding full-time salary, Per Diem shifts, etc? I'm loathe to take a permanent staff job again (travel nursing totally spoiled me) Does Oschner hire travel nurses, or do they work at all with local agencies for fill-in? Any info would be terrific!



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did you ever find out the answer to this question? i am planning on moving home at the end of the summer and have the same question. i am also an L&D nurse. just wondered what you learned about the L&D environment in nola. let me know if you have any helpful information to pass along.




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I think you should call HR and they can fill you in about salary info. I'm going to guess that you're experienced, so it varies. Right now, the job market in New Orleans is VERY tight. A lot of hospitals are experiencing budget cuts/ hiring freezes. You might be able to get a PRN job though.


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Ochsner doesn't hire agency nurses because they have their own in-house pool. Nurses that work for Ochsner and float to all the other Ochsner hospitals.

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