Starting practicum this semester, any advice for pediatrics floor?

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Hi there everyone :) I'm a senior nursing student starting my last semester before I graduate. I was able to get a practicum spot at my top choice for children's hospital. I'm nervous because I wasn't able to get clinical experience for most of the pandemic, and I feel unprepared. I haven't done any hands on skills in months, I wanna avoid looking stupid. I've never actually been on a pediatrics floor so it is going to be a major learning experience.

If anyone has some words of wisdom for advice when it comes to my senior practicum, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)


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My biggest thing with orientees and students: Do not end your sentence with "okay?" unless you're okay with them saying "no"... I.e. "I'm just going to check your blood pressure, okay?" Instead say, "Which do you want to do first, temperature or blood pressure?" and hold them up so they know what they are.

Involve play whenever you can (listen to the heart of their stuffed animal, have their doll take the medicine first, etc.). Make connections with them about the toy they're playing with, the show they're watching, the character on their pjs. Give choices whenever you can. Use simple language-- an IV is a straw, a BP cuff gives your arm a hug, etc. Use parents to help you-- sometimes they will change diapers, give meds much more effectively/easily, etc.


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Learn their normal vital signs. Study the medications if you want to feel prepared with what they'll be getting, which is usually antibiotics, steroids, zofran, fluidsĀ and pepcid on my floor at least. Any time you interact with a child on the floor assess them the best you can so you can understand what a normal kid vs a sick kid looks like. But also just try to have fun and try to learn.