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Hello, I would like to go into Parish Nursing in the future. How have other nurses started in Parish Nursing? Did you initiate your program? Did you get specific training? What are the general demographics of your populations? Are you involved with one parish or more? Do you serve one denomination or more? Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Find seminars or workshops in your area on Parish nursing to begin exploring the role. Then check with your demonination to see if they have resources. Check for other congregations in the area with programs. READ, last week I got 100 hits in a web search, some local programs, some national sites.

My practice is limited to my church. I know of one coordinator that has 4 Methodist churches.


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Originally posted by mamanurse:

Hello, I would like to go into Parish Nursing in the future.


I am also interested in Parish Nursing for my future. I would appreciate very much hearing from nurses involved in this specialty. I'd like to know of their experiences and resources. I'll be glad to post any helpful information for other nurses at

Thanks in advance.


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