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Starting Over!

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Background: Transitioning back from Military with 60 credits toward a Criminal Justice degree. Decided to go into Nursing once I'm out and now having trouble deciding how to go about it.

I'm currently in CA but pretty sure I can't afford to live here while working and attending school, so I might have to head towards Louisville to leech off family.

If I went the normal route I will have to take all of my Bio, a Chem, an Oral Comms, and Statistics before most places will even let me apply for a Nursing School. Thinking that will be at least 4 years or more.

Someone recommended me to Galen's Louisville Campus and their BSN 3yr program but I can't find much info on accreditation and if I can carry that over if I ever decide to go above that. Also how do most places feel about new RNs from for profit schools.

My goal is to eventually become a Traveling RN in the states then eventually try another country.

So my question is should I try to get into Galen for the 3yr program or try to rush my classes and then try for a Nursing program that way? The tuition isn't an issue because of the GI Bill unless I go for more than 3 years. Any advice or knowledge is appreciated, thank you.


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Did you do something medical in the military? I ask for a reason.

Just search and rescue with first aid and AED certs. Doubt anything will carry over or count towards helping ij this pursuit.