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Starting NICU as a new grad in a few months and want some advice to prepare...

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Hey all, how's it going?

So I've surfed around these forums but never posted until now. The information I've gleaned from these forums helped me graduate and pass the NCLEX the first time, which is awesome. By a big stroke of luck and a lot of patience, I was accepted into the graduate nurse intern program at the NICU department at my local children's hospital, and I'm both excited and terrified at the prospect, because it's always been my dream job in nursing school and I definitely want to be ahead of the game when I start.

Now from what I recall, there's going to be a didactic portion for the first few weeks of the year, but I want to know what there is I can do to help prepare and study for this part? I'm actually a US-born foreign grad, so my academic knowledge was always a little hazy and I definitely don't want this to hinder me now. For you NICU nurses, what textbooks helped you out, and what other ways of studying did you find that helped prepare you for the NICU?

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