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Starting new research sites

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I am looking into approaching a few rural outpatient clinics to see if they are interested in running clinical trials. I have been a coordinator for about 8 months and before that my experience ranges from outpatient oncology, med-surg inpatient to family practice outpatient.

Has anyone successfully started a new site? I would be interested in any experiences (good or bad) that you would share.

My goal is to offer underserved communities the benefits of participating in clinical trials. Thank you for your thoughts in advance.


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I personally have never started a new site. I think it is commendable that you wish to provide these trials to people who would not normally have access to them. Some questions to consider are; do you have enough experience to run the show solo or will you have experienced support staff? Are the docs supportive? There was just an editorial in the ONS Connect about trials not being offered because the docs were reluctant to offer them. Also, does the clinc offer the proper infastructure? -70 freezers, refrigerated centrifuges, etc? How far is it to other ancillary services/ CT/MRI/PET/ECG/MUGA, etc? Available computers, room for CRF storage? Lastly, how will the research be funded? Pharma is probably not going to put a study in a rural clinic. ECOG/SWOG, etc studies are good for community clinics but they do not pay enough to cover actual costs. All things that need to be considered and I am sure you have already looked into most of this.

Thank you anc33. All very good questions and thoughts. I will look up the ONS Connect for the article you mentioned. I hadn't read it.

I know from the clinic I currently coordinate it, we can't always participate in some trials d/t lack of a sub-zero on site. So you are very correct in your list of needed equipment. I will add that to my list! I appreciate your response.

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