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Hi Everyone!!

After about 3 years of debating whether or not I should attend nursing school I have finally decided to go:). The reason I have taken so long to decide was my fear in failing. I have never been good with math, and science was mehhh, but I feel as though nursing is my calling and my ultimate goal is to become an RN. I truly enjoy helping people and I am also fascinated with everything medical related..if that makes sense lol.

I have a few questions if you do not mind answering:). What will I expect? is the math do-able(math is by far my worst subject)? how did you juggle having a family(if you have a kids like myself) and attending school? how many hours did you devote each day to studying? what was the most difficult part of the program? how where your nursing instructors? what was the first day of your clinical like? and overall how did you like the program? what where some studying techniques that worked best for you?

If you could answer all or at least a few of my questions that would be great.

Thanks so much!!

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Hey, and congrats on going to lpn school. I am currently enrolled in it, and it is difficult and very challenging. The math isnt so hard, I heard once the medication get involve it gets pretty difficult. But it is all about dedication and staying focus. With kids, well i dont have any but I know you need a support system and have someone who actually will help you with the baby. The most difficult part for me is critical thinking. I really need to focus and put everything together. There are great instructors, and also a lot of tough ones. You know everyone is different. Well I am currently in my 2nd semester/quarter. And so fart so good and very very challenging. Study techniques, well basically either on your own or in a group, everyone should work together and stay focus. You can PM me so we can chat some more, it is really great trust me... NURSING I LOVE IT is just difficult, but dedication and studying will do you good throughout the program.

Hi, totally understand the fear of failing but @ the same time have a feeling of succeeding to! The math isnt hard just find which formula works best 4 u & use it the whole time. If u have ?s dont be afraid to ask. READ, READ, READ & READ! Even if it takes u a day 2 read 1 chpt then do so but please READ so that way u can get a better understanding & knw hw 2 apply what uve read when its time 4 exams! Like some other threads ive read & what ive actually done, go 2 the library(if $ is tight) & check out the Test Success book, it is very helpful & help u 2 understand nursing exams, also get a kaplan-pn or saunders nclex-pn(i lk this 1 better) book to help also with studying & get the Test Success series(FA Davis) or and the Made Incrediability Easy Serious as well! Congrats & U CAN DO IT!

Oh, dont get behind in ur assigments or homework, eat well, get sum sleep(if nt 8), take a break(wlk, wrkout etc), breathe & OVER STUDY, yeah it may not be on the test but if u have a end of semester final or comprehensive exam @ the end of ur prog it will be on there! Its better 2 b overly prepared than under prepared. Im done:)

Congrats on the beginning of this new career path. I am scheduled to begin an LPN program in September. I was previously a secretary. I can identify with fear of failing and fear of success. But I am stepping out in faith, and will do my part to pass.

I am also a fairly new mom (my son is 9 months old). I read an article about a mom of three who went back to school to be a nurse, and I plan to use her strategy. When she would come home from school, she would devote time to her family. So I plan on eating dinner with my son, and getting him ready for bed each night. He's asleep by 7pm. Then I will study. If I sleep 7-6 hours that's fine. This way family gets my attention, and so do my studies. This career path is to help my family as well, so as long as I keep my eye on the prize (being an LPN) it should all work well God willing. The long term goal is to be an RN.

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