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Hi everyone,

Tomorrow, I start my first job (full time in L&D) and am having a difficult time with guilt leaving my kids. My son is in the 3rd grade, and probably won't have a hard time with it, but my daughter is just about to turn 4 and has never been away from me for longer than 6 hours and during that time, I was in school and my husband was with her. Since then my husband and I split up and I just found out New Years Eve that he has been having an affair. (nice new years gift)

I know my life will be good without him, since I start a good paying job, have both of my kids and own a house, while he is working full time for $8.50 an hour and has never graduated high school. Things are looking good in my future, but I feel that me being away from my kids will hurt them.

If there is anyone in the same type of situation, I would like to hear how you did it alone and if everthing turned out for the better in your life.

Sorry I am rambling on, I just need to vent.

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I think a little "mommy guilt" is to be expected.

Just think of the wonderful example you're providing for your children - one of hard work, dedication, and the fact that you care about them enough to provide them with the things they need by working: food, clothing, shelter, healthcare...

As far as the 4 year old goes, she may have a hard time adjusting, but I find that most kids that age that I've known actually enjoy going to daycare/school once they've become accustomed to it... they actually have FUN playing with kids their own age.

What shift are you working?

Good luck! :)

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