Starting college after 6 yrs


Hey guys! Im new on here , my name is brittany and i decided i would like to go to school for nursing. I have never been too good in math or science , but i know i can do this if i try. I am registered to take the compass test , any tips on that ? Also i have been out of school for a while but i am a single mom and i work full time. Is school right now possible for me? Can it be done ? Anything helps thanks !

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Will you be going to school full time? Do you know what classes you're starting out with? Whether you can do it or not depends on you! I wouldn't be able to do it but really, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Compass test isn't hard, I had the most difficult time on the math portion but writing and reading were a breeze. It's just a test to determine where you are and what general ed classes you need to be placed in.


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I am going just part time right now , I'm taking math and English , thanks so much for responding !