Starting off in College and having serious setbacks...thoughts and help please!

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I started college (again at 35 yrs old) and am running into all kinds of negative people and situations. As if my past track record is not enough for me to try and fix as well as continue on my way to become an RN I am told on a continued basis I should 'rethink my goals'. Every professional I have spoken to and know well say the same thing, C = RN, yet when I speak to, ask questions or seek advice from the college I get the same negative response. Aren't teachers of any kind meant to inspire and not set students up to fail? The pre-nursing advisor is almost never available, is not in her office during office hours, does not return calls or emails and when or if she does is down right nasty! How are people supposed to continue and actually WANT to do this? I am told and read that there is a shortage of nurses, yet the class that graduated from the community college I am attending was 12 people for last year. Any advice? Thoughts? Words of support?

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