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I have been in health care for appx 20 years, I am a RN BSN CCM working as a case manager from home. With this job I have learned the importance of case management and how much it is needed especially in my area , and once people are discharged from IP stay or surgery. I am wanting to look into starting my own business in my area, self pay to start, maybe down the road look into billing insurance. But I do not even know where to begin? 

Anyone have any advice on how to get started. I would like to start ASAP! I want to continue to work my full time job while getting this up and running and maybe move to part time and HOPING to eventually quit and have my own business thriving!!!

Thank you for any tips, mostly legal advice, can I just start working as a Case manager in the home now once I get marketing out there or what do I need to do as a nurse w/a license. Thanks all

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