Starting accelerated BSN this month!


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I am graduating in a couple of weeks, and the next day I'm started an accelerated BSN program. I was wondering if there are any recommendations for students who are completing their BSN in 15 months? I want to work while doing the program, but don't know what to expect as far as the amount of time I will need to study and everything.

Any suggestions on what I should do before I start? Should I review anatomy and physiology? Is anyone else in an accelerated program? Are you able to work?

Thank you!


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I'm currently in an aBSN program--11 1/2 months. About all I can say is brace yourself. Stay organized, make a schedule and keep up on your work.

As for working there are a couple who work a few hours in our program. Several that we're working have quit. It depends a lot if you have other commitments--kids, family etc. Good luck!