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Hello all!

I am trying to get some help from some experienced nurses who have either worked as a community Liaison or who has had the opportunity to start their own home care business.

I have been in business for about a year and most of my clients have come from word of month and referral agencies. I would like to expand and take my business to another level but really have no understanding on how to do so. I have tried calling nursing homes to make appointments to discuss how my agency can better assist their elderly patients but i have had no luck. Everyone has asked that i send my information instead of having any one on one meetings.

How can i target more clients through Adult day cares, Hospitals, Senior living communities and physicians? Should i hire a sales rep to do this work for me or should i be on the front end doing this work on my own?

I would appreciate any answer that will help in targeting new clients.

Thanks in advanced.


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Great for you for going into business. Your post, however, doesn't provide a great deal of information about the services you provide in order to offer suggestions. I'm not clear on what services you could provide to patients in a nursing home, unless you mean patients in for short term rehab and are expected to eventually go home. What services do you provide, how much competition are you facing, are your services different or the same as your competition, can you provide niche services, etc. Have you defined what the next level is? These are some questions that come to mind in response to your asking for help and suggestions.


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Hello, I am in the beginning stages of starting a non medical home care business here in Norfolk, Virginia. In order for me to get licensed I have to hire a Registered Nurse. I have been working as a Medical Assistant for 20 years. I have the nurse but my questions is

What are the duties of a R.N with a non medical home care business? I will be doing the scheduling, marketing, finance, and hiring.

Thank you.


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Sorry, but I wasn't clear from your first post that your business is a non medical home. I don't know much about it but did some reading. No doubt you know much more than me about this. I think as a business it is a great idea. I'm also interested in care of seniors and it seems to have a great future considering our graying society (myself included). Is the RN a Virginia requirement? If your using care givers, they do not have to be nurses from what I understand. Perhaps you need someone to evaluate medical needs clients might have, such as chronic diseases, medications, etc. Sorry I can't provide more but I wish you all success.


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I have started a Personal Care Agency in Wisconsin. The RN is considered the care administrator with such duties as 60 day supervisory visits for the PCA's, provide training etc, which is required for Medicaid. (We are Medicaid Certified). Being Certified opens you up to surveys from the department of health (in Wisconsoin) and a lengthy list of rules and regulations. It does however enable you to contract with Managed Care Organizations. We get alot of our referrals from MCO's and the Aging and Disability Resource Center (County Programs).

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