Start in Late August-Should I start new Job?


:uhoh3:I was working at a clinic for 3 yrs(3/04-6/07) as a CNA. I am currently working for a temporary agency (non-health related) since late 10/07. I amworking on a 2week assignment which I think my last day is tomorrow. I have $2,000 in savings &start nursing school in late August. I really need the money $ &will work anywhere, health related. My dilemma is should I start applying for a new job, even though I will only be able to work there until late August? Does that look good on a resume? I do not want to work during nursing school. Please help need anyone's advice/expertise.


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Not if you do not want to work in nursing school it won't help. but after you get in nursing school there are intern jobs that can be done that you might only work 8 hours every two weeks and you can gain experience while not conflicting with your school

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