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Has anyone else applied to the StaRN new grad program with Riverside Community Hospital? I have not heard back from them, and the only update on my application was that it has been "completed." I applied to the ICU position about 1 week and 1/2 ago (July 24th).

I applied for the StaRN program, but in Las Vegas. Also applied for ICU. Did you do the on-demand interview? I did that, but haven't heard since then.

I actually will be doing the on-demand interview today in a few hours, how was your experience? I hope they contact you soon. The start date for the cohort here is Sept 14th, so not to far along

I applied to the StaRN in riverside community hospital as well šŸ™‚ I completed the on-demand interview, which was pretty easy since it allowed you to re record. the next day I received an email from the recruiter informing me that she will be in touch with me in the next few weeks. haven't heard back since then! that was last week.

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Like @FH23, I found the on-demand interview pretty easy. It just gives you questions and then you record yourself answering them. They are pretty straightforward and you can re-record. It's just kind of awkward pretending to talk to someone when you're not. Good luck! The Vegas start date is also Sept 14th!

got an email for an in person interview next week!

Hi! I I also applied. I had an in person interview last week 8/19 with ICU management & got the offer on 8/21 via email. I accepted & am supposed to start 9/14. Just a bit nervous because Iā€™m not licensed yet! Hoping to get my ATT soon from the board!

Hello I applied to the September 2021 cohort. I did an on demand interview on 08/09 but no word yet. Much appreciated