staffing patterns? How does your place work?


In my facility the march schedule just went up, there were cuts from 5 days to 4 days and one shift was cut from 8hr to 6hr, and all shifts except the med techs got cut 30 minutes.

Also, how does the facility handle weekends?


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Mine hasn't done cuts yet. The facility I just left about a month ago switched to two shifts only, 6 am-6 pm and 6 pm-6am. They did away with all part time, and every person works 3 12 hour shifts one week and 4 12 hour shifts the next. No thank you.

Every facility I've worked at has had everyone work every other weekend, though most do have a few people who work weekends only.


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Here's the problem, there are a few of us who have set schedules, which really does impact the rest of the crew...forcing them to work weekends more than they want. (and I feel guilty--but I'm not willing to give up my post)

are there senior people who get favored shifts?


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Yeah, we have two people who have been there longer than 4 years, and they don't work weekends.

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Where I work everyone has to work every other weekend. If you call off on your weekend then they make you work the next one.

We have set #s of hours- 40, 32, 24, and per diem. A couple people work 12-hour shifts every weekend because they're in nursing school or whatever and can't work during the week. But mostly you stick to your 8-hour shift. And they never cut back on your hours. If you want to cut them back yourself you have to submit it in writing.

Preferential treatment comes from WHERE you work, not WHEN you work. A few people work the easiest wing every single day, but they still have to come in every other weekend.


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The NA's I work with mostly work 12-hour shifts. Then there are 8 hour shifts and 4 hour shifts. There are always NA's here to work during the weekends because some of us are students. Not too many people like working the night shift, so sometimes there'll only be 1 NA on the entire floor. If the census is low, it's not that bad. No one's hours are cut; you can work the required 36 hours (full-time) as well as do overtime.

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