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So here is my story

I am relatively new to dialysis nursing- I am also working as an ICU RN- part time both areas-----full time hours in total.

I am doing this because last summer a director of my hosptial suggested I needed the dialysis experience- because I had applied for a job as a nurse manager of a community dialysis unit run by our hospital ( Canadian).

I have struggled with the new skills, awake and talking patients!!, chronic vs acute patient problems and in general I think I am doing well.

Things I see as problem areas in the hospital dialysis unit I am working at are I am sure common to all- staffing, charting and lack of leadership. Perhaps the last item, lack of leadership is not a problem everywhere- but I see it where I am.

We have in hospital patients and outpatients- with a ratio of 3 patients to one RN. No aides. The RN is responsible to set up the machine, get the pt on , dressings, drugs, charting, and even pericare if needed- esp when in hospital patients are incontient.

THe charting system scares me. Not adequate. Old style computer charting and many things you have to write in afterwords, if you have time.

I am suppose to do the "on the job training" until next Sept and then reapply for the nurse manager position. No guarantees- have to be interviewed again.

I admit I am nervous and anxious- I can see however the ability to make a difference ........ I want so badly to have a chance to show my management ability and skills, which I accuired in my life previous to nursing.

Can anyone help me with advice, feedback, anything?

Thanks JMP


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Just a few questions to be able to understand how we can help....These would also be the questions I would ask if I were conducting your future interview.

Why did you choose dialysis management as opposed to a management position in an area you had previous experienced?

Who is the manager now or why has this position been open for so long and will not be filled until Sept.?

Why did you choose dialysis? How much dialysis experience will you have acquired by Sept.?

I admit I am nervous and anxious- I can see however the ability to make a difference ........[END QUOTE]

What changes would you make?


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Thanks for your questions ageless-

I applied for the manager's job last summer, since it was open and in a geographic area that we like. It had been open a few months......the manager previously had left- reason unknown to me.

The director of the area ( managers boss) interviewed me and thought I would be a good candidate, except I had no dialysis background and presented me with a plan ( which I am currently doing) that would allow me to work in dialysis for one year and then become the manager.

In the meantime they have hired another person, who will be the interm manager. She is an experinced manager and is willing to stay in the position up to two years- until I am ready and then retire from that position.

By this coming Sept I will have one year of dialysis experience in an acute care hospital setting......we care for inhospital and outpatients.

I am nervous and anxious for a few reasons- the director is leaving for another position in another hospital and so that means I will have to face a new director- who may or may not think this plan is the right one....... if anything breaks down along the way I can go back to my old full time posiiton in critical care.

However I feel I can make a difference since I know I am a good leader, I would want to show my leadership abilities, work on professional development and staffing issues- and other areas that I know I could make a difference in.........

THanks for listeing and responding....

I welcome any and all input.....JMP

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