Staff Safety and Hospital Security

Specialties Emergency


Our hospital is taking a survey of safety and security measures being used in other hospitals to give us ideas on ways to upgrade ours. We see 20,000 patients a year in our ED. We would appreciate input from similar sized departments. If someone would take the time to answer some questions, I would be very grateful.

1. Do you have 24 hr security personnel?

2. Are they employed by the hospital, or contracted?

3. Do you use metal detectors?

4. Do you use video cameras, and are they monitored by security..all the time, some times or never?

5. Are cameras videotaped, and how long do you store the tapes?

6. Are ED doors locked 24 hrs a day, off hours, or never?

7. Do outside people have direct access into the department, or are there additional barriers?

8. Is the ED the only entrance to the hospital for off hours?

9. Is there a security person at the ED entrance 24 hrs or off hours only?

10.Are all visitors logged in, only off hours, or not at all?

11.Do you use visitor passes or badges?

12.Are all doors locked leading into the ED from other areas in the hospital?

13.Are all entrances and exits to OB locked 24 hrs?

14.Are OB doors hooked to an alarm, and does it go to police?

15.Do hospital employees only enter unlocked doors, have keys, card access, or other system?

16.Where do employees enter for off hour shifts or if called in?

17.Do you have controlled access to your employee parking?

If you use other security measures that might be helpful, we would appreciate any ideas. Thank you for taking the time to help us with this survey. You can leave postings here, or e-mail me at [email protected]

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