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Does anyone have first-hand experience with legislated nurse-patient staffing ratios?


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I would have no way to keep track of any state legislation. But, the Congress mandated a study in an attempt to improve staffing in LTC. The effort has been shot-down and stalled. If you'd like to read the study, check here:


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It has been passed in CA. About 5-7 other states are in the planning/legislative process. I'm distantly involved in the process here in FLA. I was hoping for some feedback on how it is working in CA as I'm putting my job on the line for it!!


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The board of nursing in my state has been trying to develop a logical solution to this for quite some time. The trick is basing it on acuity not just numbers. The "how" is the lingering problem. Since this is a situation that, depending on unit/location/environment can vary literally by the minute, it is tough to even regulate such a thing.

It is an important step in the right direction, but unless some kind of incredible system is put into place I see it as nearly impossible to measure and even harder to enforce.

Just my 2 cents.

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