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Staff illnesses

by mshigbee66 mshigbee66 (New) New

Has 1 years experience.

I find it sad that when the essential nurses take Ill with symptoms that are similar to covid19 but are not being tested because they don’t meet ALL the criteria ( just no fever) and if we miss work we are only covered up to 60% wage under std- have to use our PTO to cover 11 day wait period and go into negative PTO if not enough!

So vacations are out in future due to this. It’s the lack of concerns as we care for those who are sick but our employers don’t take care of us when we go down. Maybe it’s not the covid but fatigue and burnout and stress related that- our immunity is low and now susceptible to all other illnesses. People are not staying home so when I get out of work and have to gather things for my family - germs are spread everywhere and put me at risk for other things!

Where is our justice as nurses CNA LPN RN I don’t care what title is we all have human and patient contact! Yes we knew what we were getting into when we took our paths! but I’ll be damned when it’s extreme circumstances why do we have these hoops to jump thru to survive when we get sick, and then made to feel guilty by said employers?