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St. V's Toledo Shift Differential


Does anyone know that shift differential for St. V's in Toledo?

Third shift is 1$/hour. Weekends are .50/hr. What unit are you looking at?

Thanks for your reply! Actually I meant to type St. Charles...I'll be working on the psych unit.

What unit do you work for at St. V's? Do you enjoy working there?

I work in the ED. I do like working there. I did my preceptorship while I was in school at the psych unit at St V's and I had a clinical at St Charles psych. I enjoyed being at both places. There are a few people that I graduated with working in psych at St Charles right now.

I can't imagine working in the ER! I think that's something you either love or hate. Psych is like that, too, I think. I can't wait to start working psych. Thanks for your comment that you enjoyed your clinical at St. Charles, that's very encouraging to me.