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Just applied to St. Joseph's Nursing School in Rhode Island!! Anyone else applying for Sept 2018 start?

I did also!! I'm patiently waiting !!

I got in!!! Kspencer1 have you heard back yet??

@MandipassRN2020 How is it so far? I was just researching this site to see if anyone applied for this years and came across your post from last year. I hope it has gone well for you!! Fingers crossed that I get accepted!

I just applied for Sept 2019! Fingers crossed I get in!

MandipassRN2020, how long did it take from the time you applied to the time you got accepted??

@hflodin I also was researching to see if anyone from this school writes in here often. Did you also apply for Sept 2019? Fingers crossed we get accepted!

@gmb_roadtoRN Yes, I did apply for this September! I hope we hear soon! Fingers crossed!

I hope we hear from them soon, as well!!

Hi everyone! Yes, I am starting in September. I originally started this past September but didn't pass pharm by just a hair ? ssoooo, now I'm on pause and returning Sept. 2019 to retake it.

They are usually pretty quick at getting back to you, especially if you completed the application packet fully. They will have an orientation over the summer as well.

???? good luck!!

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