SRNA and pregnancy


Anyone pregnant during school? If so, what challenges if any have you faced?



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I'm not pregnant, but someone in my class is and she also has 3 kids. I guess I can't really speak for her, but I do see that she has a pretty good support system in her husband. Seems like the fast O.R. turnovers are the biggest issue for her. Surgeons want to move onto the next case and they want it done yesterday and she still hasn't come back from the PACU yet with her first case. She is managing though. Good luck!


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I am a part-time PMHNP student, and I desperately want to start our family but there is NO WAY that I would be able to do it right now. I'm 30, and my fiance is 27 (so we are no spring chickens) but I know that postponing having a baby will ultimately lead to my child having a better life. Grad school (especially CRNA school) is difficult and requires a huge commitment. When I have a baby, I want to be able to devote time to the little guy (or girl). Having a baby is stressful enough (SAHMs have trouble managing) so add school, work, etc. it is going to be crazy. I am sure that some people can do it and are great successes, but why put that pressure on yourself? If you are already pregnant, I wish you the best of luck and congrats! I hope it works for the best....If you are contemplating pregnancy and are currently a student, I strongly recommend that you postpone and concentrate on school. It will be so worth it. The time will come, and you will have the career, money and family that you deserve (it just might take some of us a bit longer:sneaky:) PM me if you need to talk. I know that this is a very sensitive issue and it sucks that women are so pressured to 'have it all', but with a little patience I truly believe we can....

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I had an upper classman get preggo and deliver during the program. Heavy clinical occurred after the baby came. She said anything is doable if you want it enough. Yes she missed nearly the entire first year of the babies life by the time she graduated but she felt that she would have a great quality of life with her fam now that she was out of school