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Sprott Shaw for LPN?? GOOD OR BAD?


Hi! Just looking to see if anyone can give me some unbiased insight on the private colleges for the LPN program. I want to work in the hospital after. I eventually want to end up in OR. Obviously I will need some additional education for that but what do you all think of getting training at either sprott shaw, Vancouver career college?

Please and thank you!

I did a program with CDI- what a waste of money.. I do see lpns in the private sector. At my work we get cdi/Sprott shaw etc. The price is high.. sometimes doing it the longway may seem too rough but you get better pay as these schools have bad reputation's in Fraser health. That being said ther are a few exeptions to the rules.. some people make it out of the private sector. Just expect lower pay and dismay when people like you but read private college. Also what my course cost.. I could have payed double my course in public schools.