Spring Semester!! Deploy!!


As of last Wednesday I have started my spring semester. Fortunately I have A&PII which is my last pre-req. Unfortunately it's A&PII!! I thought I was developing bald spots and stomach ulcers when I was going through A&PI.

I will also be taking some entrance tests and applying to the nursing program this semester. My gut is already in knots over the thought.

Anyway! I just want to wish everyone good luck this semester. I hope some acceptance letters are in your future :)


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I loved anatomy so hopefully it is a positive experience to you. Remember, you have already gotten a feel for how to study the subject so it should be easier to get into the flow of it this semester. Plus, the material is generally more relatable and fasinating in 2 for most students. Good luck!!

My classes do not start until the 19th. I am finishing up my last pre-requisite and my A.A. I take the TEAS tomorrow and apply to a program soon as well. I hope all of us on this board rocks this semester!!!


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Good luck on your TEAS!