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Spooky Nursing Stories

i work nights in an icu. one night, an empty patient room had the light on. i went in the room and turned off the light. before i reached the room's door the light came back on! i screamed and ran out of the room. nurses that have worked in that icu for several years said that this happens occasionally in that same room! :stone


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I used to work in a nursing home, so i have many strange tales to tell, but i'll just tell you this one. One of the residents on this floor always got up around 2 am and came out to sit in a chair. I was sitting in the lounge on the south floor one night (the lounge is in the middle of the floor) doing my books. I saw one of this resident sit down in the chair beside me. I said good morning and turned to look at him and he wasn't there, of course i went to his room tto see if he was there, which he was and sleeping soundly. This happened multiple times. I didn't say anything because i thought maybe i was nuts or nodding off for a few seconds or something. A few months after this started one of the other emplyees reported the same occurence to me. While on a nother floor one night (where the activity room was) I started looking at some old photo albums during a slow time. Low and behold, i found my guy. I showed the book to the other worker and asked if anyone looked familiar (he picked out the same guy!) I asked someone who had been there longer who the guy was. He had died a few years ago, and in the chair i always saw him sitting in! (Insert Twilight Zone theme song here) :uhoh3:

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