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I was wondering if anyone has heard of how to go about asking for a sponsership for nursing programs? I know you have to agree to work for that particular place after you graduate, but I'm not exactly sure on how they work and if you get paid or if you are just working off the money they "loaned" you....Answers would soooo help, thanks

I am currently attending nursing school..will finish in 3 1/2 months..yay..and half of my class is sponsored by one of the hospitals, not myself though. But, the way it works around here is that once they complete nursing school they are committed to work for that hospital network for a minimum of one year, and yes they do get paid. But, if they quit the hospital before the year is up (or if they fail out of nursing school, don't pass the NCLEX, whatever), then they are required to pay back every penny to the hospital, and from what I understand it is considered a federal loan...just like a student loan, so there is no way out of it if you do not fulfill your obligation. I assume it will be similar in the area you are in. You can contact a nurse recruiter at the hospital and they can give you all the details. IMO 1 yr is not that big of an obligation though if you do not intend on moving. Good luck.

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