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hi all! i'm a nursing student in LA and have a speed screen interview (they said it'll be 10 minutes) next week. any tips on how to prepare or what sorts of questions they'll ask?? if you have any sample/practice questions, send them my way! thank you!

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Is this in person or via video conference?

Is it for a school or a job?

Regardless, you have a very limited time to make a good impression, so be prepared. Dress professionally, even if you won't be meeting the interviewer in person. Repeat their name back when you greet them and when you end the interview. ("Nice to meet you, ____" and "Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, _____" or some variation.) If it is a video conference, make sure you are alone in a room with no distractions, no background noise, a plain wall behind you and a strong WiFi connection.

Since the time is limited, you want your responses to be thorough but concise. Prepare for the interview by writing some bullet points you can use to answer common interview questions (there are a plethora of websites that list sample interview questions). If there is something in your resume or past experience that sets you apart from other candidates, make sure to mention it during one of your responses- ideally as early as possible.

Research the facility online and jot down some details. Such as- are they a magnet organization? How many students do they accept into the program? What type of patients will you care for on the unit?

Also have a couple questions of your own prepared. Your questions should be specific and show that you have put thought into the position. Rather than asking the interviewer to "tell you about orientation" ask specifically, "How will I be evaluated during my orientation?"

The key with a speed interview is to make a lasting impression in a short period of time.

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