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Hello :) I am currently in my first semester of college, hoping to apply for nursing school for next fall. Right now I am in Comp 1, General Psychology, and College Algebra. Does anyone have opinions on Comp 2 or Speech? I am trying to decide which one to take in the fall. Thanks!!

It just depends if you are nervous about standing in front of people giving a speech or if you prefer writing.. I just finished up comp 2 and it was pretty easy. I took speech about a year ago, & I didn't realize how nervous I was standing in front of people speaking, but so are all your classmates.. Comp 2 required more attention, but I'd say both classes are pretty easy

We have to take both comp 2 and speech at my school. They're both helpful classes and both extremely easy, but I would suggest speech. You really do learn so much, and it can be extremely useful in the future. Learning to speak eloquently in front of people will be helpful for nursing too, I think.

Do you need them both? If you cannot take them at the same time, I would take comp II first. That course will help you with writing (needed to write speeches). It will also help you learn how to articulate your ideas. If you only need one and do want to take both (I would really take both), then it would probably be a good idea to take speech. It is hard to stand in front of people and talk. Speech will give you an idea of how to communicate effectively with people.

Good luck to you and remember to keep your GPA up. Even if the course is not needed for nursing, it still effects your overall GPA.

I would suggest comp 2 first. Those type of courses tend to be a bit annoying and take most of you're time, because in order to get an A you need to keep up with tons of h.w and class work.

Thanks everyone!! I only have to take one but after reading the comments I will probablytake comp 2 in the fall and speech next spring or summer since it is not required but seems like it is going to be helpful :)

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