Special Preceptorship Options vs Traditional Preceptorship Help


Hi everyone!

The end of nursing school is drawing near for me and we will be putting down our preferences for our preceptorship soon! Several of the hospitals around here have special programs that you can apply for instead of doing a traditional preceptorship.

One is an interdisciplinary program where you interact/work with pharmacy students, residents, etc. to learn more about the team effort in a hospital. You do have a patient load, but it sometimes gets pushed aside because of the meetings you must attend for the interdisciplinary aspect. I have heard that these interdisciplinary programs are well renowned nationally, but I'm not sure if that's true or not.

Another is a program where you have a "normal" preceptorship experience, but you also attend classes at that hospital to learn more about their policies/methods and after graduation, this program continues for 18 weeks, where you attend classes at the hospital and still have a preceptor.

Finally, you can opt for the traditional preceptorship experience, that doesn't have anything additional other than meetings your preceptor might have, and ends at the end of the semester.

I am really trying to pick wisely because I am a military spouse and I know we won't be here forever, and I really want my resume to look appealing for future employers when we have to pick up and go! I also want to get the best experience possible (I'm considering ICU and ED, as well as Float) and want to feel confident (or as confident as possible ;)) when I graduate.

Thank you for any and all advice!