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I applied for Southwestern's LVN program back in February. I know today was the last day to apply up until 3pm. The program accepts students every 18 months so this is really my only hope as far as the LVN program. I don't want to wait until this fall to apply for the ADN program because #1 the program won't start until Fall of 2019, and #2 it is so highly competitive here in San Diego that I'm afraid I wouldn't qualify. I am currently in physiology right now so that is my concern because I technically turned in my application uncompleted. I'm still hoping to get in so maybe not as many students applied. 30 students are accepted into the program and I am not sure how many students actually apply for it since the majority apply for the ADN. Anyone else waiting to hear from Southwestern or have applied for one of their nursing programs in the past?

Hi, I also applied for the LVN program for fall 2018. Crossing my fingers that we hear back soon since I heard they took a long time with ADN letters.

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I know they took a long time for the ADN program but hopefully they don't do the same for us. Considering that it starts in August i don't think they can. My concern is that I am currently in physio and so I am hoping they still consider me.

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I am really hoping to hear something soon. I went in on Monday and they had applications to different programs all over the place. I could see that they had a lot to go through but I'm still anxious to find out if I'm getting in.

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