Southern Union RN Sping 2015 Class


Hello all! I just received my acceptance letter to Southern Union's ADN-RN nursing school to begin in January 2015! If anyone else got accepted please post on here and congrats in advance to everyone else! :):yes:


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Hi WarDamnRNtobe! I got my acceptance letter for Spring 2015. I am so happy!:D Congratulation to you as well! We will likely see each other next month a orientation.

Congratulations on your acceptance into the program! I hope things are going well. Do you know how the points were calculated for admission and if you don't mind sharing how many points did you have? Also, how many were accepted into you cohort?

It's out of 200 points:

100 points are from your score on the TEAs test.

90 Points are from your 3 Science Pre-Reqs (Anatomy& physiology 1&2 and Microbiology);

In all 3 classes A=30 Pts, B=20 pts, C=10 pts

the final 10 points is if you have taken at least 12 hours of pre req coursework at SUsCC and made at least a C in all of those classes.

I applied and was accepted with 136.7 points the cutoff for my class was 129 points, the cutoff For the Fall 2014 admission was 126.5 points and the cutoff for spring 2014 class was 130 points. Hope this helps! Good luck! :)


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Hi, I was wondering how was the program so far? I am hoping to get into the lpn program and am curious how is the school?