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I'm in consideration of applying to the FNP program at SIUE and am having a hard time finding any info out about it. I have seen several topics about the CRNA, but not the FNP. Can anyone give me some info about this program? Are there any negatives about the program I should know? How competitive is entry into the program? Can you work full time and manage the part time course load? What makes me interested in this program is that it is local to me, so I could attend some in person classes and would have real live support if I need it, but it appears that the majority of the classes are offered online as well and I love the online format. Can anyone tell me if they felt like the online courses were good? I would love any help/opinions that you can provide. Thanks :)


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I am a year into the program. For my class, I think there were 500-1000 that applied, and around 100 were called back to interview, and 40 (30 in Edwardsville, and 10 in Springfield) were entered into the program. My numbers might not be quite accurate, but it was somewhere around there.

For the first two years, it is just classroom based. The classes are not online though. The online versions of the courses are just for the nurse educator students.

I find that it is very conducive to working since it is part-time. The classes are challenging, but most of the students do work full-time. Clinicals start during your second summer in the program. I am sure at some point, it might be difficult to work full-time.


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Thanks for the reply. I hope there aren't so few seats/so many applicants! I have good grades, but that competition is stressful. I'm going to probably apply at a couple more places, too, just to cover all my bases. I think I can still handle it if all my classes are in a classroom. I was just hoping to get a little flexibility.