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Hello there,

I have applied to SCTECH for the Spring PN COHERT and am waiting to hear back, I am nervous. I know that they are only accepting 40 students and the program is very competitive. Anyone else applied and waiting to hear back? I have taken the PSB before they eliminated it and started taking the HESI A2. I had a 136 PSB score which converted to a 103 HESI score. My GPA is 4.0. I just hope I make the cut. Feel free to comment and give input. 

Update: although no one replied I’ve decided to update. I have gotten in. For future reference for anyone who may would like to know the scores I got in with, I had an 4.0 GPA with a 68 score on the HESI A2 (score was converted from PSB score due to the phasing out of PSB test) I am excited and I hope this update helps someone who is waiting to be accepted in the future. 

Hello I'm applying to the ASN program at sc tech. Can anyone give me any recs ? I'm taking a few online courses this Summer as well as the HESI A2. And hoping to apply and start in the fall. My current GPA is a 3.00

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