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Any chances for me getting into nursing program at USC Upstate ? I just applied for the Fall2013, and they told me my prerequisites gpa is 3.6. Any others school would you guy recommend ? I recently... Read More

  1. by   tirat
    Do you think I have chance of getting in with a 3.3 ?
  2. by   moogurl4r
    They said my GPA for Upstate is competitve. I have a 3.6 for Upstate, a 3.5 for Columbia and that doesnt include the classes I have taken for this summer. Hopefully I get in. The admission people for nursing program saidI should have a good chance though. I would call and ask the nursing admissistration if a 3.3 is competitive.
  3. by   Findingmypurpose
    Do you know if any 3.0-3.1 GPAs were accepted?
  4. by   Findingmypurpose
    Quote from Jay Q
    Hi Hillvb I applied with a 3.2 and was accepted. Good luck, I'm sure you will get in as long as you are over a 2.9 and have nothing against you when you submit your background check! It's a great program and I am enjoying it!
    Do you know if any 3.0-3.1 were accepted?