Orangeburg Calhoun Tech Fall 2017 ADN

  1. Hello!!! I'm applying to OC Tech Fall 2017 ADN program & I wanted to know is there anyone else out there who is applying or have applied & got accepted? If so how many points did you have and how long did it take for you to get notified?
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  3. by   ShelHuss89
    Hello, I applied to OC Tech Fall 17 ADN program. I was accepted with 15 pts. I applied through the GPA option. I had a 3.69 GPA
  4. by   marquia93
    Awesome! I'm transferring in with a 3.58 GPA and I was worried. What all did you turn in with your packet? They already have my official transcripts so do I need to resubmit them along with my packet? Also, what was the process like for you? I'm turning my in packet on Monday so hopefully we'll be classmates!!!
  5. by   ShelHuss89
    Thanks! You should be fine. I turned my application in Jan.30th and had my interview on Feb 15th. You can only turn your application in M-Thurs 8-4. I would call to make sure all of your transcripts, including HS have been received and evaluated before submitting your application. Your application is inspected to make sure you have everything on the checklist, if so, you meet with an advisor where your grades are evaluated. The advisor will tell you exactly what option is best to apply with. It will then be forwarded to the Health Science Dept. If they are interested, you will get called to setup an interview. The interview is roughly about 15-20 mins. The questions are very general, if you have the passion to become a nurse, I'm sure you will get selected! If you have any more questions, I'm here to help!!!

    Good luck! 😊
  6. by   ShelHuss89
    And no, once they already have your transcripts on file, no need to resubmit. I would only make sure they have ALL transcripts on file prior to submitting your application, because they won't accept it if not.