opinions USC Salkehatchie BSN or Lowcountry tech ADN

  1. Can anyone give me advice, I'm 38 considering, with no previous college would anyone reccomend USC salk. BSN or lowcountry tech. ADN I've heard by the time you get in technical , because of waiting list you could have already had your bachelors degree , HELP! I have no prereq's, starting fresh, Salkehatchie is within walking distance of my home, Beaufort is about a 50 minute drive and i also have a demanding 3 year old child. Wondering which program will be better for me any advice would be nice!
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  3. by   ashdru
    Well it depends on your career goals once you are an RN. If you only want to work as a staff nurse and you are not interested in advanced practice such as a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Educator, then an ADN program might be for you. But, if you are at all considering continuing your education, I would suggest getting your BSN. If you are starting from scratch, an ADN is probably going to take you 4 years, almost the same time as an BSN. So, just to cover yourself, it might just be benefical to get your BSN. You do get a little more an hour as a BSN, and some places only hire BSN's for certain positions, like an educator position.

    Have you looked into online classes? That way you can take courses from home, since you do have a young child. There are accelerated prgrams too, such as at MUSC, where you could finish more quickly.

    Hope that helps.... Good luck!