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I would like to respond to all the nurses working night shifts in critical care units. I have been a nurse for 25 years and I am now leaving my area of expertise because of the "open Visitaion"... Read More

  1. by   Bontemps6
    The biggest problem we encounter with open visitation at the "nurses discretion" is the fact that we frequently have complaints filed at least with the Director's Office of various types of a problem family member is asked to leave, they see other patients with visitors, make a bee line for the Director's Office. Since this is a government facility run by bureaucrats with nothing but CYA in their CSF, there is generally a nastygram (at best; at worst a counseling statement on improving staff communication skills) to follow due to the fact that we are always the ones in the wrong, and the individuals who was/caused the issue is likely to call/write their congressman with complaints...and of course we can't have that in a governmental Utopia. It ain't pretty, but it is what it is...and at least the benefits are good here...and the patients who make it all worthwhile. We provide excellent care despite the administrators and all the new theoretical nursing BS implemented to further someone's career or provide the data for the latest Master's thesis....and don't bother flaming me...I'm educated enough myself to grasp the concepts of current Nursing Theory...I just don't care to drink the Kool Aid...
  2. by   pawashrn
    with open invitation there must support from the administration of hospital. A proper pamphlet should be given to the families explaining that during periods of direct care the RN may ask that you leave the room for the privacy of the patient and the direct exposure that the person may come in contact with such as, blood, stool, urine and other body fluids and if the persons refuses the nurse should document that minimal care was provided due to the uncooperative family member and therefore visitation has been restricted for that patient. Don't leave it will just follow you, Nursing is only going down hill. We just had a camera installed to watch the nurses station. Smile your on candid f camera